Assassin op?

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Assassin op?

Post by vapurwave » 29 April 2019, 19:23

So The most annoyingly op character in the game is the assassin. Why? Well lets say you've been targeted by a player for assassination and you have two cards. You doubt they have a assassin and challenge. Except you lose and have to get rid of a card. Then guess what, Your other card also dies because the assassin's ability still goes through. effectively eliminating you from the game in one move. See what I mean? You Can't challenge the assassin because you're at risk of being eliminated in one move and it only costs 3 to use that ability. Kinda op right?

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Re: Assassin op?

Post by Lyncia » 30 April 2019, 14:13

Hello ! My opinion is that assassin is not as op as you are saying ;) Indeed assissinate somoene will forces sometimes to choose a character to kick. But at the begining of the game, you can also bluff the contess, when no one can know if you have her. And it is often risky to contest this bluff. Furthermore at the end of the game, it is easier to know who has assassin.
But, in fact it is sometimes better to assassinate somoene with 3 coins to have less golds and then become less targetable by your opponents. Think about it, the aim here is not to kill every one at the begining but to know when become a kind and shy little guy.
I think this game is very balanced, at least in its classical version I play.

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Re: Assassin op?

Post by RedMageMac » 05 August 2020, 21:32

My personal thoughts as far as the assassin goes is that.. its average (its excellent and trash depending on the tempo of the game).

I say its the middle of the pack simply because you pay less than half the amount of $ it would normally cost to coup someone. That and unlike duke (where you have to repeatedly keep claiming to benefit/use its effect) the assassin is more "hideable" in which you can quietly keep incoming and just when no one feels you're a threat, BAM! xD HOWEVER, since the contessa exists it keeps the assassin in line.

If contessa did not exist then yes, the assassin, I feel, would be the most powerful card by a lightyear.

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