Playing contessa after someone else challenges

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Playing contessa after someone else challenges

Post by Ranmit » 14 June 2020, 01:02

Is this a bug in the BGA adaptation of the game:

Say X plays the assassin against Y. Y wants to block it using the contessa, but before he can do so, Z (incorrectly) challenges X. Z loses a card, but thereafter Y also has to discard a card, and is not allowed to play the contessa.

I think this is a bug - Y's ability to play the contessa shouldnt be blocked by someone else challenging X before he (Y) could play it. (but it is also possible that my interpretation of the rules is incorrect). Thoughts?

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Re: Playing contessa after someone else challenges

Post by quietmint » 14 June 2020, 01:22

Yes it's this bug, specifically:

The rules do allow for both a challenge and a counteraction in the same turn, but you can't do this on the BGA adaption (whether it's the same person trying to do both or two different people). Unfortunately it's not exactly a quick fix (need to introduce a new step in the turn, giving the target of the Assassin/Captain/etc. a second opportunity to counter).

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