Which Character should I kill first?

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Which Character should I kill first?

Post by ArielFriedrichGauss » 11 July 2020, 07:13

In a game of Coup, there are couping and assassinating. Therefore it is very common to lose characters. If I have 2 cards in my hand and is facing a loss of influnence, which character should I kill first? Please list them from left (kill first) to right (kill last). The characters are Duke, Captain, Ambassador, Assassin, Contessa and Inquisitor. Thank you.

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Re: Which Character should I kill first?

Post by RedMageMac » 05 August 2020, 21:39

Theres def NO universal answer.

My opinion is its more so HIGHLY dependent on the tempo of the game. Quick example is if one or more players are continually duking and you see two (or three assasins face up) then it might be optimal to keep that captain and scrap the contessa.

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