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Re: First move

Post by Romain672 » 08 May 2019, 19:46

Yup, I wanted to be sure we understand each others since my english isn't good :( Nothing personnal.

These specific card from creature force you to discard another card between your forth left.
Which isn't totally bad since you can react with the play of others players, but it put you on a really bad spot if you are caught again at the second turn.

And we are just not agree with the % of the time 4 is blocked first turn. It appear I got that a lot more (>~30% cause of randomness) and you got few.

So another question who are totally linked :
Are you ok to lose 2 card 25% of the time and loose one another card for getting a token on a beach 75% of the time? (since let's say the 4,5% left is when the creature block 1+2+5 instead or play another good card)
Even for me, the question is difficult, it seem fairly close.

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Re: First move

Post by Lyncia » 12 May 2019, 17:00

Hello !
I agree with Shakq Jekins and, as creature, 4 is often a good choice for me as a first turn because I know this is the less obvious with 2. If I can lock 5 with artemia or target token, so I like to go on 4 or 2. If not, I prefer another place with creature token, cause if I go on 4, even if I catch some people, I let 5 free. Obviously, this don't give free win and this game is all about reading how hunted are playing all the game long. Sometimes you feel somoene is doing no obvious play, and no none obvious play, so you try to target him by playing middle area. That mean for exemple in last turns, this guy has no cards discarded and has 6 and 8 in hand (suppose 8 give the win), so you try to lock 8 with artemia to avoid free lose and go for a middle obvious area, like 3 for exemple, or 5, which are choose late game cause they are not obvious or none obvious.
Sometimes you didn't catch a guy all the game long, and you think that he will ensure win buy going in the less obvious place as last turn, like 6 when no card discarded. So you go for it and catch him for the first time and get the win. I won many games by catching a guy I didn't catch all the game long, just because he didn't expect me to target him last turn ;)
Have a good evening,

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Re: First move

Post by Shaq Jenkins » 13 May 2019, 16:38

I agree, Lyncia. 4 is a decently safe first move because of the reasons you stated. Even if I lose 4 on turn 1, I can play 1, 2, 3, or 5 on turn 2, which are much better options, anyway.

In a game I played a while ago, my 3 teammates all chose 5 for their first move. I chose 4. The creature placed the token on 5, and thus, they all lost that card. Since I was the only one with a 5 left on the next turn, the creature didn't bother placing the token on 5, so I was able to get 7, which helped us out tremendously.

When playing as creature, I think it is best to focus on one particular player, study their moves, and anticipate where they'll go. If you can catch the same person every single round, you'll weaken that player, and thus, weaken the entire team. Creature players should also think about the places that they do NOT want the players to go and target those places. On the first turn, as creature, I don't really care if players go to 2 or 4, which is why I don't block those spaces. I care more about 1 and 5 (and 3, to a lesser extent).

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Re: First move

Post by ClimateChangeIsReal » 20 June 2019, 03:41

For what it is worth:

On the first turn I almost always go to 2 or perhaps 4, because most experienced creatures seem to pounce on 1+5 or 3+5 like every single turn. Even if I get caught on 2, the chances are that someone else was able to get into 5 because the creature went out of their way. Otherwise I still have all five cards available for the next move.

I am always afraid to go to the 5 unless I have Dodge or Wrong Track or the creature seems distracted with other numbers. I usually try to pounce on 2+4 to speed up the game, until the creature sees what is happening and goes out of their way... and then other people get into 135.

Of course 7 and 9 are the best places to go once you get a Rover (and 8, late game). In fact, on some occasions I have even gotten a 10 purely so I can use the take back 1 card option -- going to 2 places is so risky, but no Creature would think to catch me on 10.

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