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Adding Exploration

Posted: 20 June 2019, 03:51
by ClimateChangeIsReal
I wrote a post in the generic suggestions thread about adding the Not Alone: Exploration expansion. The expansion just consists of some new Survival and Hunt cards, and 10 new places to replace the existing ones:
1 = Nexus (copy any place 2-5; 2x assimilation if anyone is caught here)
2 = Oasis (take back Oasis and (3 - # will) from discard)
3 = Fjord (play one extra card from discard, choose one to resolve, discard both)
4 = Dome (after 3 uses of the Dome, move the Assimilation back 1)
5 = Labyrinth (needs some explaining)
6 = Mangrove (switch discard and draw piles, then take back Mangrove)
7 = Archipelago (draw 1 survival card; if < 2 Places in hand, one hunted gets 1 will)
8 = Pole (-1 will, +2 rescue, return Pole to reserve)
9 = Fungi (+1 survival OR place 2 wills on the Rescue track)
10 = Portal (discard Portal, then play another Place)

I never got any replies, though. There are 3 different places to make suggestions (there, here, and in the bug/suggestion tracker)...

Re: Adding Exploration

Posted: 02 August 2019, 03:08
by Defiant10
ClimateChangeIsReal wrote:
20 June 2019, 03:51
6 = Mangrove (take back Mangrove, then switch discard and draw piles)
Having played the expansion recently, I think you have the order wrong here. You swap your hand and the discard pile, and then you take back the Mangrove.

Re: Adding Exploration

Posted: 25 August 2019, 16:27
by ClimateChangeIsReal
I did indeed have the order wrong. Fixed.