A few suggestions to make TTA even better on BGA.

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A few suggestions to make TTA even better on BGA.

Post by Rooster6975 » 14 September 2020, 20:53

I've played a fair number of games of TTA on BGA, and many more on the iOS app. There are some features of the iOS app which would be great if they can be integrated into the BGA version.

1). Single action Undo. Presently when you push Undo, it asks you if you want to undo your entire turn. If you say YES, you go all the way back to the start of your turn. The iOS app is friendlier in this regard in that you can undo only your last action, or any number of actions by hitting undo again. It is very handy when trying to avoid corruption, revolts, or simply trying to try out a number of different choices to optimize your turn.

2). Clickable OK button indicating "This is your LAST turn". I can't tell you the number of games where I would have played differently if I was sure it was my last turn. On the iOS app, you get a popup and you are obligated to click OK. You know with certainty that this is it, do what you can but don't bother collecting resources because you won't be able to use them.

3). Warnings. There are some warnings which comes up (ie. you are going to experience corruption!" with the option to submit anyway. That's great, sometimes losing 2 stone is worth getting that one perfect card out. However, the game will happily let you submit a turn even if you have a military tactics card in your hand, or in the common area, which is playable. What usually happens to me is I try out 4 or 5 different combinations, trying to optimize my MAs and CAs, and then finally submit only to realize I forgot to add the tactics card. I had added it on previous combos, but not the last one I actually submitted which was simply an oversight. Again, the iOS app has a pop-up asking if I want to use the MAs for that tactics card.

4). Maybe I just missed this, but how do you tell who first player is? It affects Age IV, if it hits when Player 1 starts their turn, that round is everyone's last turn. But if it hits when 2nd (or 3rd, 4th) player is starting their turn, everyone gets one additional turn. I never know who first player is because my player info is always in top right. I assume everyone else also sees their own info in top right. Is there a way to tell?

Thanks! Love the game, in my humble opinion, these suggestions if implemented, will make it even better!

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Re: A few suggestions to make TTA even better on BGA.

Post by just this girl » 20 September 2020, 04:29

Strongly agree with point 3. The undo function should allow you to "go back" and play the tactics card you forgot about OR a warning message should come up. Either would work. Trying different combinations and using the undo function is a big part of TTA after all.

As for point 4. It does say who is first player, right above that person's main display, like this: just this girl (first player)


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Re: A few suggestions to make TTA even better on BGA.

Post by baghdad » 18 October 2020, 22:48

I think the biggest things missing from this implementation that would bring it on par with BGO would be:

1. Able to undo back to your political action if you did not play a political action. This is just a nice QoL improvement.

2. Able to see which events YOU have seeded in the deck. For async games this feels like a must, I guess you could keep track of that in the log but why not just display it?

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