Active dev on this game ?

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Active dev on this game ?

Post by Phoxtrot » 24 March 2021, 12:47

Looking through the bugs and suggestions, it seems that the last modifications to this game were made in October 2019 by tilalilalou.

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Re: Active dev on this game ?

Post by MoiMagnus » 24 March 2021, 13:04

Tilalilalou is the only person credited for developing and maintaining Through the Ages (both version).

Looking at his game history, he pretty much did not play on BGA in the past year, and his last Through the Ages game was 2 years ago.
Since he is not paid for this job, one cannot expect him to make a lot of effort to continue supporting a game on a platform he barely visit any more, so yeah, up until he decides to generously come back to maintain this game, or someone else decides to take his succession, there is no active dev on this game.

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Re: Active dev on this game ?

Post by g2x » 20 July 2021, 23:49

what should be done to take over maintainership?
i would like to fix few bugs.

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