Changes in this game

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Changes in this game

Post by CrassDas » 31 May 2019, 01:47


I know this game very well because i host real games since 2001
and i have a very pleased big group playing this game.

There are some differences in this online version and
i will try to help with my experience from many years WW.

3 important things i would change:

1. Block chat-talk at night! This is terrible for the wolves.
(The guys who didnt have time to chat are the wolves - you can
find out who is good or bad by talking to him at night).

2. (from a houserule) anyone who is dead loose the game !
(in real life you cannot win while loosing your life... its unreal.
anyone wants to stay alive !!!!!). Martyrs kill the best of this game:
A good an logic disscussion. Anyone simply waits for next matyr....
Without this rule the game always goes the same procedure.
(in my own Version its not allowed to tell others your role !!! It works very very good)
But i know this rule is impossible for online games...

3. WW-Voting: Kill the target with the most votes at night - not only if every WW vote the same target.
(sometimes a WW-player has trouble to vote - this is silly for all WW). And remember
if Amor will be in game there is a good possibility that one WW playes against the other WW.
(atm he can block the others at night easyly).


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Re: Changes in this game

Post by HuHu92 » 06 June 2019, 16:35

hey there

I completely agree with points 1 and 3. Good thoughts on the 2nd point and it for sure should be consider as an option.
I would want to add that there is a way for people to cheat and in my opinion it should be taken the necessary measures to prevent that. The case i am talking about is for still alive people not being able to see the chat of the dead ones... well that is not completely true and i believe it can give too much information away for both teams and make the game unfair. I really hope this will be fixed asap.

Cheers :)

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Re: Changes in this game

Post by GreenStegosaurus » 10 June 2019, 01:19

They need to mute the chat window for the dead characters, too.

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Re: Changes in this game

Post by sourisdudesert » 10 June 2019, 14:23


Thanks for proposing changes to this game. However, BGA only implements the official rules of the game, or the rules adaptations explicitly accepted by the designers (like the default vote to the player on your right).

There is nothing about 1 in the rules. The rules states the opposite of 2. About 3 rules are also explicit (werewolves MUST agree).

If you have suggestion about game rules, please do not hesitate to contact the publisher of the game.

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Re: Changes in this game

Post by N_Faker » 11 June 2019, 03:36

Does the night chat function the same for everyone? If werewolves chat, does everyone see it?

If talking during the night is allowed, and the Little Girl is in play. What would prevent an IRL Little Girl player to blatantly look during the night and just blurt out every single one of the Werewolves?
The following day would even explicitly confirm the truth of the Little Girl player's claims, as a 'peeking' Little Girl forcibly becomes the Werewolves' target of the night.

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Re: Changes in this game

Post by hberger » 11 June 2019, 08:16

thank you sourisdudesert for pointing out the rules as the designer wrote them.
CrassDass ; your point 2 makes another game.
In Wolves, it is a team game, not a solo game. Everything making the team win is fine, even sacrifice.

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Re: Changes in this game

Post by lilysloth » 11 June 2019, 21:08

I agree with the 1st one. I have been in a few games where the last werewolf killed the fortune teller so the ft couldn't have revealed the werewolf's identity but the ft told everyone in the chat who the werewolf is before the end of the night and it completely ruined the game. There's already a bigger chance of winning for the good side, don't make it harder. Talking during the night shouldn't be allowed.

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