Different characters

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Different characters

Post by pinkyandthebrain » 01 February 2020, 21:25

I was wondering if there is any chance in the future of having some more characters added to the game. It is really popular but perhaps we are becoming a little formulaic as we get to know everyone's playing styles. I realise there is a site in French (loup garous online) that has many more characters on offer. Would there be any chance of BGA acquiring the rights (if that's how it works) to some of these too please? Even simply allowing us to use the pyromaniac, raven and white werewolf in a non-village game would be great, or even allowing us to turn off the FT in favour of some of the characters to add variation to our play.

Would anyone else like to see more variation in the game or am I alone. If so just ignore me :D

Thanks for all your hard work!

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J-Effe IV
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Re: Different characters

Post by J-Effe IV » 01 February 2020, 21:27

I second this. Especially the part to make the village special characters available in non-village. Raven, particularly, is great.

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Re: Different characters

Post by AhoyMatey » 02 February 2020, 03:48

Yeah would be nice to see White Werewolf and Raven function in non-village games at least.

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Re: Different characters

Post by rabat-joie » 02 February 2020, 08:46

I completely agree! Some of us play frequently (and, in fact, there is virtually always at least one game going), and some variety in role options would be welcome and refreshing. It would also make it easier for new players to join in; those of us who play together regularly know each other's "tells" in various roles very well.

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Re: Different characters

Post by aghagh » 09 February 2020, 13:09

If I were a site manager, before implementing new features for a game I would see how many users are playing the game and if those players are making use of every current feature available.

For this game in particular, I don't see that many players as compared to other more popular games, and not all features are being used to their max (village games are much less frequent than basic ones).

So what could be done to have new characters added? In my opinion, basically two things (and success is not guaranteed by any means):
- promoting the site and the game amongst friends and acquaintances to increase the number of players.
- making an extensive use of all current features of the game until they become "worn out".

Having said that, I would also like some new features, I've even written a couple of bugs / suggestions myself. :)

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