Being able to watch a game from the dead chat

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Being able to watch a game from the dead chat

Post by aghagh » 06 May 2020, 18:08

I don't know how many games at BGA have players eliminated throughout the game, so this suggestion might only apply to The Werewolves of Miller's Hollow, that's why I post it here.

Currently games can be watched and the observer may interact with players still in the game through the chat. But, as players get eliminated, the dead chat becomes more and more crowded... and fun!

My suggestion is to allow the observer of a game to join the dead chat. He would not be able to communicate with other players outside of the dead chat while the game is still in progress (alive players may be thankful for this). But an observer in the dead chat could have fun discussing the game with the already eliminated players.

It should be optional and a one-way road (once the observer joins the dead chat there would be no turning back), as sometimes an observer may want to guide new players to the game with some external counseling, which is useful.

Chances of this being implemented ? 0,000....1 but as a regular observer I had to try. :D

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Re: Being able to watch a game from the dead chat

Post by furrywurr » 27 June 2020, 11:54

I like this idea

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