Infinite loop situation?

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Infinite loop situation?

Post by rspn » 25 August 2020, 03:15

How is the following situation resolved?

WW has an ov lover.
The end game has 4 people alive - WW and lover, another WW, another OV.
From past discussions and voting patterns, everyone has a reasonable idea what everyone's role is.
The other WW and ov, defying all tradition, enter into an unholy alliance against the star-struck lovers.

So events proceed as follows: In the day, the voting always ends in a 2-2 tie, no one is eliminated. At night, the WW never reach a consensus, and no one is killed.

Is there a rule which resolves this (For instance, if no one is killed for 2 consecutive days, the game is declared a draw?)

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Re: Infinite loop situation?

Post by Canuck-88 » 09 September 2020, 03:53

The game is declared a tie after 3 days of consecutive days of voting a tie, and no one dying at night.

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