Arena mode season 3

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Arena mode season 3

Post by hondjuh » 04 October 2020, 17:22

Is there going to be another format change? Having both thief AND cupid in the game doesn't really leave a lot of room for strategy

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Re: Arena mode season 3

Post by AhoyMatey » 18 November 2020, 02:37

Most balanced settings for a future Arena mode should probably be 9 players + Hunter + Thief.

It's probably the most balanced setting in general and uses the 2 most popular characters. (Cupid is popular, but cupid + hunter is just unbalanced in smaller games. And the other EVs: Witch, Little Girl, and the Village expansion are just too tough for wolves and luck-based in general in a small game.)

9 players leads to more smooth and balanced games than 8 players: in 8 players, you have the problem of if the Hunter dies at any time, they can instantly put the game into a critical zone if they shoot a villager (which is usually what happens). In 9 players, this isn't a problem.

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