Discussion: The similiarites between this and mafia and random voting

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Re: Discussion: The similiarites between this and mafia and random voting

Post by nmego » 07 July 2019, 00:56

Yep, guessed that would be a problem. Thanks for pointing that out.
I've played about 80+ mafia games on an IRC chat. We followed similar conventions.

It doesn't have to be over forums, it can be real-time as well.

I think day 1 could be covered in about 4.5+ minutes with experienced players. 3 minutes is a bit low though as you said. Games would take on average like 30-40 minutes or so IIRC. I think that's a reasonable time to have a strategic real-time game.

When I first started playing WW here on this site, it wasn't really that hard to scroll up and find things to discuss. I had to keep an eye open for suspicious stuff and make sure to constantly do something. (then stopped doing that and actually stopped playing ww on this site altogether) and IIRC I've seen a couple of experienced players here on BGA discussing and ww hunting. discussing should be a factor in all time-limits, even if you only have 1 minute. random-voting requires more time though.

I agree that with the amount of inexperience, this approach doesn't sound plausible, right now. But it could work later. Also, correct me if I'm wrong but I didn't find anything in the official rules about a "forced time-limit". so it is a free option that could be changed, right?

The terrible voting system isn't really a factor with more time.

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