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ELO system is terrible

Posted: 16 June 2019, 03:20
by ClimateChangeIsReal
I don't like the way the ELO ratings work. When I lose, my rating drops 40-80 points in a single game (especially when I am a werewolf, as I lose against like 9 players). When I win, since it treats a win as a tie with everyone on your team, it usually means I don't gain a single point.

It would be better if the ELO system only compared you to the opposite team (so "Tied with [every other winning villager]" doesn't kill your ELO).

Re: ELO system is terrible

Posted: 16 June 2019, 12:13
by eoc
See this thread for more discussion on the matter. Basically most people agree with you, so there's hope this might get changed!

Re: ELO system is terrible

Posted: 09 July 2019, 00:47
by 7decoeur
I question whether displaying ELO is necessary? I suspect a person's ELO can adversely affect his chances of surviving the first night. I've noticed werewolves targeting the player with a higher or the highest ELO. I can understand why because a high ELO implies they are good at solving the case and show more cunning and guile for the win, thus to better the ww chances it is good to dispose of that player as soon as possible before they've even had the chance to speak.

Re: ELO system is terrible

Posted: 11 July 2019, 06:23
by ChameleonBG
Elo is a joke. So anyone can have 100-300+ elo in one day. If I am wolf, I dont pay attention to elo, because it doesnt matter here at least with experienced players.