Village extension : should devoured hunter confess before shooting ?

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Village extension : should devoured hunter confess before shooting ?

Post by Didjus » 15 September 2019, 00:39

Hi WW community,
Today, we played with village extension activated. The confessor was killed 1st night. He was also hunter.
Before dying he had to shoot somebody but first used confessor skills to demonstrate bartender as a ww and finally shooted him.
Many others players were shocked, arguing it was cheating and the game was abandonned.

I can't define my own feeling on this situation. Is this really cheating ? Is this a bug that BGA should fix ? :?:
In the real life (subject to the existence of werewolves irl), if the hunter can shoot, then it means that he is still alive. If he is still alive and has special skills (like confessing or using baillif before dying), he would be idiot not to use it. In the discussion following this situation, some players even asked for rules changes : the hunter should be being unable to speak before shooting... In the same way, if he is still alive, he should be able to talk (maybe with uuuuhhh and aaaargh automatically added to his sentences ;) ). And if he would be unable to talk, he would be also unable to hear, so that other players could not give him information on the people that should be killed.

Do some of you know with certitude if rules exist irl about what the hunter can or can't do after being devoured by ww while playing with village extension ?
Thanks for your answers.

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