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Game display inconsistent

Post by tripitaka » 02 May 2021, 16:35

So I have an Amazon fire tablet. I use the silk browser.

I find that I have to hold the tablet in portrait orientation to play nearly all games. I'm fine with that. I quite like it.

However sometimes the player history/logs are visible on the right hand side in a column under the player score and sometimes they aren't. I like it when they are there. Otherwise I am constantly turning the device in landscape to view the history and then back to portrait to play. It is getting annoying.

Now I have gone into the game preferences and changed how the logs are dispalyed., but it seems to have no effect at all.

Further sometimes the logs appear as I wish but if for some reason if I rotate the device when I rotate it back again, I can not get the logs as a second column again .

Am I missing something?

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