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Double ranking

Post by Cedroc92 » 25 August 2019, 06:46

I see the KingDomino top players are all players who only play 2-players games.
My rank is not so high than theirs, but I only play 4-players games. It is not the same game !!

Do you think it would be possible to create 2 rankings for this game, depending to king of game you play ?

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Re: Double ranking

Post by ollyfish2002 » 25 August 2019, 21:32

Same problem for tokaido and hanabi ( maybe in other games I don’t know).
This has been asked many times and the answer is somewhere else in the forum : one ranking for one game (even for options).

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Re: Double ranking

Post by Cappie » 27 August 2019, 09:20

You could also play more 2 player games.
Or, if you don't like 2 player games, don't care about the ranking.

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