Holding out game for ranking

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Holding out game for ranking

Post by sylviel » 02 October 2020, 13:46


we have currently a player holding out games (one move from loosing, no choice anymore, playing on other games) just to get more points before the end of the season. I find this quite unfair...

I hope that if we have enough support from the community bga will adapt its system to prevent such attitude.

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Wonderful Plays
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Re: Holding out game for ranking

Post by Wonderful Plays » 02 October 2020, 15:55

It is a problem in all the games. Hope BGA does something about this.

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Re: Holding out game for ranking

Post by Princedomino » 03 October 2020, 08:29

I'm agree. This players are cheating, this is not a fair competition. BGA should do something against this ridiculous behavior.

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