Clan Buchanan

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Clan Buchanan

Post by PerfectHorizon » 27 August 2019, 17:22

The clan bonus says I can get 2 contracts at once or complete 2 at once, however I'm not sure how to do this, I clicked a contract and it just grabbed the one and ended my turn. Any thoughts will be appreciated.

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Re: Clan Buchanan

Post by RicardoRix » 27 August 2019, 18:42

you must select 2 contracts (not just the usual 1) then click the confirm button at the top.

when you select it you notice the background goes a light colour.

*you must have space for 2 contracts too.

Round 1: Take just 1 contract per turn, to get the +5 bonus at least twice.
Round 2: Take 1 or 2 contracts per turn however you like.
Round 3,4,5 : Take contracts 2 at a time to make sure you only pay the 5/10/15 once.

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Re: Clan Buchanan

Post by nandblock » 09 September 2019, 17:16

Yeah I made this mistake too. I had assumed that it would separately ask if I wanted a 2nd contract.

It would be nice if the implementation prompted you about the option to take a 2nd contract rather than just assuming you only want 1.

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