clans of caledonia strategy

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Re: clans of caledonia strategy

Post by maxlongstreet » 26 October 2019, 04:27

I just cited this post in a long BGG essay on Clans of Caledonia and game balance. ... -caledonia

Note that while I too feel that big money/early engine building is the only way to do really well in Clans, I love the game and appreciate the designer for expressing this thoughts freely here and elsewhere, and for putting the game on BGA.

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Re: clans of caledonia strategy

Post by nandblock » 26 October 2019, 18:04

Thanks for the thoughtful writeup. Interesting reading. -- I feel that it's not all that conclusive to look at the designer's own track record as a player, as there are a lot of excellent designers who aren't especially good at their own games. And the raw scores aren't all that informative; number-crunching is in order. (For instance, how often does Stewart or MacDonald win against Cunningham or Robertson?) I'm not sure how one would go about skimming off data from BGA--e.g. to get the raw (unadjusted) scores for all 4-player games and match them to clans--but that would answer questions.

It is a fair question to ask about whether "brokenness" prevents a game from being fun. I don't find Clans much fun when there's a bad mix of clan powers (I don't care whether or not the auction fixes the problem--it's still not fun at all to engage in an uphill battle for 5 rounds then have the imbalance "fixed" with a points adjustment after game end). When there's a good mix of clans it's fun.

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