Markets and rules as written

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Markets and rules as written

Post by Pseudotheist » 18 July 2020, 00:30

In the rules it states for the trade action:
These Merchants remain on the Market board until retrieved in the subsequent Preparation phase. You then pay/receive the Good’s current price multiplied by the number of Goods bought or sold.
The game implementation seems to be making the trades when the goods are placed, which changes the game a fair amount. Should that be corrected, or are there updated rules somewhere that contradict what I'm reading on the publisher's site? ... ed-min.pdf

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Re: Markets and rules as written

Post by RicardoRix » 19 July 2020, 11:20

The game designer was regularly playing on BGA so it's very unlikely a largely used mechanic of the game like this was implemented wrongly.

I see where you're coming from, you can read it like that, but it is 2 different sentences. I think it's the 1st sentence that just highlights the fact you won't get your merchants back immediately.

It would be best if the order of those 2 sentences were switched around.
rules wrote: Example: A player wants to buy two units of Whisky at the
current price of £10. They place two Merchants above the
up arrow of the Whisky column, pay £20, take two Whisky
barrels from the supply, and put them into their stock. The
Whisky price then increases by two steps to £12.
^^This wouldn't really work out exactly like that if your rule was played and multiple people decided to buy whiskey.

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