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Arena Modus

Post by Ursula1972 » 05 July 2020, 13:38

Sorry for my english....

I believe it's nessicary to change something in ArenaModus. When you first get into the Elite you almost allways get quit high. No problem with that. The problem is that Toc isn't a game what it's hard to learn. It's al about luck. When you are in the top ten and you loose you almost allways loose 8-15 points. If you win you win almost allways about 7 points. Because winning is all about luck (50-50) it's almost impossible to climb about 20-25 points and so it's almost impossible to become first. To climb 20-25 points you have to win at least 3-4 games in a row. Also you can't determine with whom you play and it's possible to play with a newbie who don't know the rules (it happend to me, even in Arena Modus when someone needs 100 ELO points, they thought they had choosen an certain modus, Arena is always same modus).

I don't know if there are many other Arenagames with partners but partnerplay and only luck involved means it's almost impossible to get an equal Arena playing field. I believe it's only possible to get first place in Arena when you start in Elite for the first time after silver.

You can check how many different players become first in Arena the past 3 months to check and see it's almost impossible to really compete with each other.

Maybe also an Arenaversion for one player and some changes to get it easier to win 20-25 points in a row because when you loose you almost allways loose 8-15 points?

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