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Rules discrepancy

Post by Neocloud » 28 September 2020, 01:18

There is a point in the rules video explanation where the presenter should be able to play a card, but says he cannot because it would result in too high of a number to put his pawn into the goal spot. He then discards the card instead of making the move, bypassing the goal and starting a new lap. In the BGA version of the game, I was forced to use a card that moved my marble past the goal and onto a second time around the board.

Which rule is correct?

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Re: Rules discrepancy

Post by Woodruff » 05 October 2020, 09:12


The current BGA version implements your second interpretation; it is possible to make a pawn make another lap and you are forced to do so if you are unable to enter and there is no other move available.
The video seems to present a slightly different version when it is not possible to make another lap, hence this is inconsistant indeed with the BGA version.
Hope this helps :)


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