Rule for 7s and urgent error report ALTERED!!!!!

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Rule for 7s and urgent error report ALTERED!!!!!

Post by Pedros » 18 November 2019, 12:03


For those (like me) who have asked before for a complete set of rules of what the cards do, if you hover over the cards you get a text which says what each does.

EXCEPT there are two slight errors and one change. After a ten is played the ribbon says "Next player must discard without effect"; a similar message is posted when you have no legal move. But in each case, if you discard a 10 the next player still has to discard.

The change is an important one and sometimes affects the card 7 (new variation). It is reported properly in English but not yet in French (don't know about other languages) If this variant is selected the following applies: You can still stop your move at any point up to 7 squares, and any card in the way is still eaten - but you don't now get the rest of your move - it's one move of up to 7 spaces.

Sorry - couldn't find the place to report this under Bugs!
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Re: Rule for 7s and urgent error report

Post by Lotus Blossom » 18 November 2019, 13:00

When did this rule change happen? In all the games I have played, you aren't allowed to play the 7 card unless you can move one or more of your pawns 7 spaces in total.

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Re: Rule for 7s and urgent error report ALTERED!!!!!

Post by diamant » 18 November 2019, 14:17

The variant of the 7 without decomposition is very recent (maybe today). It facilitates the entry of the last pawn in a player’s house, provided that there is no hole between the 3 pawns already entered.
This will probably shorten game ends, sometimes tedious.

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Re: Rule for 7s and urgent error report ALTERED!!!!!

Post by Robo65 » 10 December 2019, 21:20

Well, thanks for this thread. I did see that there was an option concerning the 7, but I couldn't figure out what was meant with that.

I have updated the english and german game wiki texts. They appear as "short rules" on the game info page (wait until tomorrow), and I'd appreciate a confirmation that I wrote the right thing (because I don't have the opportunity for a test game today)


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