How do you name the shapes?

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How do you name the shapes?

Post by AlexisPrel » 18 March 2020, 19:30

Hello, fellow circle of life players !

You might have read this blog post already, in which Nick Bentley, the game creator, presents the game: ... -a-napkin/

I wonder if after some time of playing now, a consensus has emerged about how to name the shapes.
So what do you use ?

To ease these discussion, I took the liberty of assigning notation to each shape. This is also the same order as the one used for capture, in case my diagrams are not really clear ^^

1 = o
2 = oo
3a = oo°
3b = ooo
3c = .°.
4a = ..°.
4b = ...°
4c = °..°
4d = °°..
4e = .°.°
4f = °:°
4h = oooo

So the names I have seen used, or that I use myself :
1: stone, virus
2: two
3a : angle
3c : triangle
4a: ???
4b : L
4c : C
4d : S or Z or snake
4e: diamond
4f: Y
4h: line

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