Orientation buttons

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Orientation buttons

Post by flagadur » 05 November 2019, 14:59

First of all, thanks for this really great adaptation.
After a few games, if find that the upper orientation buttons are not really convenient.
Would it be possible to have tiny arrows appearing around the pawn you just placed ?

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Re: Orientation buttons

Post by irakun » 08 November 2019, 11:23

Why aren't they convenient? I am actually happy to see that mechanisms instead of the typical arrows to rotate tiles that other games have, specially when playing on my phone...

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Re: Orientation buttons

Post by diamant » 13 November 2019, 19:08

The buttons are not convenient because they do not match the possible rotations which are (according to the rule):

* 1/4 turn right rotation;
* half-turn;
* 1/4 turn left rotation.

You can add also an Cancel button to restore the animal’s initial orientation.

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