Arena version?

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Arena version?

Post by billybobb » 19 April 2020, 07:37


I would support a switch to a 2 player version in arena mode, as for similar games like Koryo. It would remove some randomness in a 1v1 match.
Also, I think that there is few players in Arena (long waiting time), so less players could speed up the things.

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Re: Arena version?

Post by Hardin2000 » 12 May 2020, 12:57

Yeah same for me.

Red7 is one of my favorite games, but is much better played with 2 (it's much more tactical). Or at least with 3.

With 4 players is too much random, we just try to survive. It's like a different game.
The other problem is the long queues:
It's 20-40 minutes wait at best hours, and impossible to make a group after 10 PM Uk, till 10 AM.
With 2 players will be much easier to make Red7 Arena Games, (much faster queues) and the game will look like the same we play on tournaments.

3 players could be tested as another option. Any of those is much better than the 4 players option.

Thank you,
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Cheery Dog
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Re: Arena version?

Post by Cheery Dog » 17 May 2020, 07:04

I agree that 2 player red 7 would feel more competitive.
While there always will be some luck value to the cards you draw, playing the 4 player version the deck will often run out, and that changes how the game will play out.

A change like this would also allow quicker access to more people to reach elite league, and better competition.

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Re: Arena version?

Post by Asia-Funtasia » 30 May 2020, 18:52

Yes, please! It is almost not possible to "find" a group of four people for real time playing in arena-mode!
I tried several days and did already all my house work in the mean time while waiting!!!

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