Good video explanation of how to play this game?

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Good video explanation of how to play this game?

Post by Rooster6975 » 30 September 2020, 20:51

Does anyone know of a good video on how to play this game? We tried it with 4 players, and it did not go over very well. By the end of the game, players were just randomly clicking on whatever they could with little or no strategy in mind. We all watched the video on the site, but it didn't really help. I've read the rules twice, but they didn't really sink in since I don't really understand how to play other than I know the object is to build an efficient farm.

Also, is there a way to turn off "Anytime Actions?". It seems to ask this question repeatedly when anyone does anything. In St Petersburg, there is an option to select indicating you won't be doing any anytime actions this phase. That would be extremely helpful here. Or maybe don't prompt the player, just let them select it if they want to do anytime actions during their turn. At any rate, I'd be happy with a solid video explanation as without one, I think I'll have a hard time convincing anyone to give it another try. Thanks!

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Re: Good video explanation of how to play this game?

Post by RicardoRix » 30 September 2020, 22:37

You are going to get VP from deliveries. This is a planning game, so plan to make as many deliveries as possible. You can deliver to the market or a barrow.
I would say for your first game you can do the following to simplify:
Ignore the siesta track.
Make 3 farms 1 of each kind - you can actually build 2 on the 1st turn with the export extra action.
Don't use the 1 delivery donkey marker, use the 2,3,4.
When you deliver to the market it's usually best to complete 1 to gain the benefit rather than starting all 3. (The exception might be the 3pigs)
Don't play any cards for their special abilities.
Early game deliver to the farm, Late game start to play and deliver to the barrows.
Try and get an extra free pig breed each turn, you'll only need 1 extra pig space from a farm extension.
Use your field resources first (It's use them or lose them) and try and use all of them each turn. Deliver / play farm extensions / upgrade / other.

When you get a little better:
You can ignore the advice above if you know better.
At the start of the round see which deliveries you want to make at the end of the round, now play the round to gather and upgrade your farm accordingly.
Given this is a planning game, the better you do this - the more likely you'll win.

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Re: Good video explanation of how to play this game?

Post by Spiegel428 » 03 October 2020, 18:24

I generally like to watch Rahdo Runs Through gameplay videos, because they have examples of the thought process ("I'll get X because then I can use it for Y later and also prevent Z").

This game also has a solo mode, which is useful to get the hang of the various elements/cards.

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Re: Good video explanation of how to play this game?

Post by nmego » 03 October 2020, 19:27

(1) Try to have pig breeding activated asap (by getting 2 pigs)
(2) You want to build a farm-extension on turn 1 most of the time, try paying 1 VP for it as money is more important early. Extensions give you income (really nice), additional deliveries (quite important, you need like 2-3 additional delivers atleast), pig breeding (also extremely important income, but only get if you can get pig breeding activated immediately after) and you'll see more cards over the course of the game as your handspace increases (which is also important)
(3) Try to fit in a couple of helpers early, experience will teach you which helpers are good. Also, fields are quite nice as well.
(4) Try to trade commodity early for card/pig/2xresource. As cards give you advantage over the course of the game, you want to have that engine going asap, And Pigs are also an extremely valuable source of income as well. As for 2xresource it can be nice if you want to finish the guild that gives you 1 resource per round2 on round 1/round2. And that guild is extremely strong because it gives you a pig when you build it, and another pig per round so you can get your pig breeding activated IMMEDIATELY
(5) If you're still new to the game, you can mostly ignore siesta, its importance increases as you get better in the game though. You can ignore the 1 delivery/3 siesta most of your games.
(6) Try to finish income guild early, either the money one or the resource one (resource one is really nice because it activates your pig breeding immediately as mentioned befeore). The guild that gives 2vp per guild is also a good start I think, but can be a little tricky. The commodity guild is like late-game only, I don't think it is good for income. The market barrow guild gets better later as you establish better income.

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