Anytime action when selecting a donkey marker

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Anytime action when selecting a donkey marker

Post by Issity » 06 June 2020, 17:26

Several times I forgot to activate my siesta roof tile and realised that only when it was time to select a donkey marker. Unfortunately anytime action is not available at this step.
Is it a bug? Couldn't find anything in the rulebook that would disallow anytime action just before or after selecting donkey marker.
And it's not possible to activate siesta tile after new player order is determined - it could be useful to just get an extra VP.

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Re: Anytime action when selecting a donkey marker

Post by Rooster6975 » 29 January 2021, 22:56

I honestly don't believe there is a single instance where this game does not propose an Anytime Action.

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Re: Anytime action when selecting a donkey marker

Post by paramesis » 30 January 2021, 07:51

I’ve been frustrated by forgetting to use these tiles as well, but BGA implements this correctly. The siesta roof markers can only be used during the Farm Phase or the Revenue Phase, as indicated by the blue/green background. Choosing a Donkey Marker is the first step of the Transportation phase. This distinction ensures that all players have access to the same information when choosing a donkey marker.

One could argue for other anytime effects during this step, such as the roof marker that makes a delivery, but simultaneous selection is not uniquely “your turn”, which is when rules state you can take an anytime action.

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