Hungarian Tarokk

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Re: Hungarian Tarokk

Post by paramesis » 21 July 2020, 15:17

As the new player in the recent game mentioned by Nisterius, I didn't know that tooltips were implemented, as they are on by default in most other BGA adaptations. Would it be possible for helpers to be on by default here?

Most of the time, I don't think to look to the interface preferences for something that is missing, but rather something that is extraneous, such as tooltips I don't need anymore, or annoying, such as the blue roof tiles in Carcassonne.

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Re: Hungarian Tarokk

Post by LaszloK » 23 July 2020, 08:07

Hmm, seems like there's a bug here. The tooltips used to be shown all the time, but some experienced players complained that they didn't want them, so I made a change to only display them when the global "Show tooltips" option is on (which it is by default). Apparently that change didn't go exactly as planned... if I view a table and flip the preference from "Off" to "On" I get tooltips, but after a reload, they're gone (regardless of the state of the preference).

While I sort this out, you may want to try turning the preference off, then back on, without reloading the page, and see if it makes a difference.

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Re: Hungarian Tarokk

Post by WillBePlayin » 30 July 2020, 20:36

Is there even the slightest chance of getting Slovenian Tarock to BGA? *runs to cover* :lol:

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Re: Hungarian Tarokk

Post by Jimblefredberry » 30 July 2020, 21:58

WillBePlayin wrote:
30 July 2020, 20:36
Is there even the slightest chance of getting Slovenian Tarock to BGA? *runs to cover* :lol: is so good for Slovenian as it is that I don't see it really needing to happen... but I guess there's no real reason why not.

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Re: Hungarian Tarokk

Post by Chickenduck » 02 August 2020, 06:25

Hi guys, I'm very excited for this. I'm new to Tarot/Tarock games... Started playing French Tarot a few months ago and am still learning the strategies but I really enjoy it. Have played a few games of Slovenian Tarok on also.

Anyone wants to let me know what time people will be online for a game of Hungarian Tarokk, I will try and be online to join in...

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Muad Dib
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Re: Hungarian Tarokk

Post by Muad Dib » 09 January 2021, 21:04

Hi there!

Love this game, and I think the implementation is done very well. One thing I've seen happen a few times is hands with defenseless honours (Pagat, mayor) post discard are not annulled when tarokk's are discarded. I know says this is standard, but it isn't in my experience, and I would love an option that enables this.

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