Rage is now in BETA

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Rage is now in BETA

Post by Volker78 » 18 March 2021, 19:29

Rage is a very special trick-taking game: Predict how your round is going to go but be prepared for it to turn out very differently. Will a new trump color or a negative card overturn all your plans? Play a Joker at the right time and have things go right for you anyway! Fulfill your bids and take home the most points after ten rounds. That’s how you win the game and leave your opponents in a rage!


Rage is similar to the classic game "oh hell" (also available here on BGA), but with some new special cards.

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Re: Rage is now in BETA

Post by Hart2 » 02 May 2021, 15:29

Our family played Rage last night and liked it. We have one suggestion for a modification- when everyone has only one card left, you still have to manually tap to play the card. I suggest if it’s possible, have that last hand play automatically , like other games on BGA do.

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