New Arena season

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New Arena season

Post by Herald85 » 26 March 2021, 15:02

So, season is almost over and as for me, I'd like to see GT4 out for the next season and preferably back to 3 players. What are your views? Which changes would you do?

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Re: New Arena season

Post by Serilo » 29 March 2021, 12:35

I find both GT-4 and GT-5 to be lacking what I'd expect from Arena.

GT-4 is laughable, nearly no risk, higher speed limits don't even slow down, more coast dice means less importance of lower speed limits...
GT-5 is much better, but again, with that speed up die you can go around speed limits more easily, negating the aspect of long term planning, the importance of overtaking might be there, but not fully..., you almost never have to risk getting damaged...
GT-6 is the best, actually. You need to pay careful attention to the track, overtaking is trickier, and you cannot go flat out all the time without risking more than a 0 result. And it is the only mode where you can expect a part of the game(pit stops, weather, flags) to be actually in effect!
With GT-6, 3 players is fine. You do not have the catch up problem as much as with other GTs(because it is still risky to play every of your dice even if you are far ahead) and it fits neatly with 2 laps.

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Re: New Arena season

Post by Roelzzz » 29 March 2021, 14:17

Current settings are fine too me, good to have some variation in GT and amount of drivers (3-4).

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