Malus for deconnexion, but can't join... : (

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Little Ls
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Malus for deconnexion, but can't join... : (

Post by Little Ls » 01 June 2020, 21:00

Hello, how can I do please
Just join few minutes ago a ConnectFour game, but can not really join the game...
And finaly got a malus...

Aujourd'hui, Puissance Quatre #92358171
Aujourd'hui, Puissance Quatre #92358171 -10☯

The game wasn't started at all, but after severals try, no way to go inside...
I finaly try again with the same person in another game, and this time it works fine

Could it be possible to delete the malus things please ?
Yes it's not the end of the world, but I find it little annoying, cause I never quit, even not on Connect4 game !, the only one I got was cause of my internet connexion, but this time my internet works fine

I'm not sure it was a bug issue... but sure not my internet...

Thanks for your reply ;)

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