BGA implementation of Solo Automa

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BGA implementation of Solo Automa

Post by KlausNY » 26 May 2020, 16:45

I was excited to see that Teotihuacan (which I have never played) was coming to BGA because there is a solo (automa) variant, but was disappointed that no solo mode was implemented. Is there an issue with programming automa opponents on BGA or is it a choice of the publisher?
Is it possible to add an automa?

I really enjoy the solo variants of Clans of Caledonia and La Granja, they are very well done. They allow me to learn a game, to practice and to enjoy the game play without dealing with the zero sum nature of live opponents. I noticed on BGG that many highly rated new games have solo variants. Solo play on BGA is a variable I use to decide which new games to learn, teach and buy.

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Re: BGA implementation of Solo Automa

Post by Hetfield72 » 12 June 2020, 14:01

I would also love to see the solo rules implemented for the game. With that said, this game does have some fairly complex solo rules involving the action choice pyramid and a range of conditions for each action. In a way I could see that being easier since they are written in an almost computer-program like style, but there is a good bit of additional overhead.

I'm hoping that the solo features will be added though as it is a fun way to play and BGA would make it less fiddly to perform the actions of the solo player.

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