Pyramid Setup

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Pyramid Setup

Post by thomasog » 04 June 2020, 20:48


What is the normal or random pyramid setup option? I couldn't find anything related in the game manual.


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Re: Pyramid Setup

Post by Hetfield72 » 12 June 2020, 13:58

I also have the same question. I have even started a few games with Hotseat players just to see the difference, and I'm having a hard time identifying what changes.

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Re: Pyramid Setup

Post by smugskull » 06 April 2021, 21:50

Now that I have started Arena mode, I am very confused about this option too, so.. bump!

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Re: Pyramid Setup

Post by atcblake » 09 June 2021, 17:36

I believe that random means the tiles are rotated randomly as opposed to being oriented the same direction.

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