Tie due to repetitions

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Tie due to repetitions

Post by thinkb4coding » 09 October 2020, 20:32

For those who didn't see the news in the crazy farmers' group, due to popular demand we implemented a tie on repetitions.

When a players ends their turn for the 3rd time with the exact same board (tractors positions, fences, parcels, cards in hand), the game ends in a tie.

After the 1st repetition (2nd time the board is in the same position), you'll see a first warning explaining the rule. When ending a turn in a position that already appeared twice, a warning appears indicating that the game will end. If you play with partial or full undo, you can use it to avoid the tie. Ending the turn at this point lead to a instant tie.

This new rule is here to prevent blocked situations where players return to the same position over and over. Now, the player that is leading the game has an incentive to unblock the situation to avoid the tie.

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