Xanadu - paths to build

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Xanadu - paths to build

Post by 57erniepyle » 12 June 2020, 22:30

I played the game once, with someone else new to the game. I'm sure it is a faithful representation of the game. As it stands, it is not a game for me, and that's OK. Too fussy, too long to figure how to pay for a building.

What would make the game viable for me is if, when you picked a building to build, the game offered the different paths available to build it, maybe in ascending order of number of workers needed. It might get too crazy with more than two players, though.

I fully understand if you think that process is exactly what the players are supposed to be doing; that that IS the game.

P.S. On cases where you have no buildings you can build, the game seems to proceed automatically to worker placement. It might reduce confusion if you had a 'OK' message saying 'You cannot build any of your buildings. Click OK to continue.'

P.P.S. The game ended kind of abruptly -- a hand sooner than my opponent and I expected. In one 'how to play' video, it said you go though the deck twice. In another video, it said there were six or so "timer" cards scattered through the deck, and the game ends when #6 comes up. If the latter rule was in play, perhaps a display saying '4 of 6 timer cards have been played'. Hopefully with better wording than I just suggested.

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