Bug report, no table number - lost import goods

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Bug report, no table number - lost import goods

Post by DoxyLover » 08 July 2020, 07:05

I'm reporting this here instead of in the bug section because it was a training game and I did not record the table number. I could not find any record of the game.

What happened is that I had two import goods in my possession and I went to the Laboratory with two assistants and my president. It showed two import goods that I could click to add to the power. I clicked one and then, realizing that I already had all of the power I needed, clicked it again. I acquired the technology for three power and finished my turn. A turn or two later, I realized that my information box showed zero import goods. I went back through the log back to the Laboratory but there was no report of using my import goods.

The fact that the Lab was allowing me to spend the imports is how I'm sure I had them.

Other than this, plus the mystery flashing box which apparently been already reported, it seems to be a great implementation.


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