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UI suggestions

Post by jujulautre » 14 December 2020, 11:30

First things first, thanks for the great implementation and allowing me to try the game out. My first game just started, but it looks like it will do great !
Now, I'm the type that wants to have lots of information at all time, so I was wondering if any of the following two suggestions could be considered. One on the easier side, the other, much less so. Both relate to the additional boards (university, church, dock etc...).
- What about an open all/close all button ?
- What about slim versions of the boards that take less space ? Warehouse aside, the other boards are all a 2d space to store things. I'm thinking of long strips with 6 boxes which, when mouse-overed (if that's a word), would show what's in it: the content of the card for boards with cards, same as it is know when you mouse over cards, and the content of the square for church and custom boards. If possible, church and customs board would also show on the square whether the space is taken or not and show at a glance the current situation. Now, on the debatable side of things, how should those be shown ? I can think of several ways: show by default and switch to bigger boards when their respective button is clicked, do not show by default but have a button on the boards up right corner to switch between big board and slim board, and do not show by default but change the behaviour of the button to be ternary (do not show/show slim/show full) instead of binary (do not show/show). The second option seems the best, but is also the hardest to program I guess.

There you go. I'd obviously be happy if you would consider these suggestions, but if not, that's alright obv. I'm happy to be able to play the game already.
Thanks !

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