Circe vs. Hydra

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Circe vs. Hydra

Post by pphh » 14 October 2020, 08:00

I just had a game of Santorini where I was playing Circe against Hydra which was - mildly put - very favourable for me but highly unfair for my opponent.

I was using his powers exclusively throughout all of the game and hardy the only thing he could do is keep his workers close but then he won't be able to use Hydra anyways.

Circe renders Hydra completely unusable - what do you guys think?

Start of Your Turn: If an
opponent’s Workers do not
neighbor each other, you alone
have use of their power until your next turn.

End of Your Turn: If none of your Workers neighbor each other, place a worker you control in one of the lowest available unoccupied spaces next to the Worker you moved. Otherwise, remove one of your Workers from play.

Todi Liju
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Re: Circe vs. Hydra

Post by Todi Liju » 14 October 2020, 23:56

I must disagree that Circe is better than Hydra in that matchup. I actually played it once with Hydra and won:

In my first turn (as Hydra), I gained a third worker and lost my power. Then I played the rest of the game with 3 workers and my opponent was the rest of the game with my power (he was basically playing as Hydra).

It is actually good to have 3 workers without any restriction. If you think about gods which have more than two workers, they all have some disadvantage.
For example, Graeae can only build with the workers she did not move, Proteus must always force workers to where he was, Gaia can gain a third (and a forth) worker, but this will happen at a late stage of the game and this worker will be born in the ground level. What I want to say with this is that it is pretty good to play the entire game with three normal workers. ´

Thus, although you play the rest of the game with no ability, it is still a good matchup and which I think it gives both sides a chance!

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Re: Circe vs. Hydra

Post by gretirse » 23 October 2020, 13:18

I disagree with the statement "3 normal workers is a generally a good power".

I think I read somewhere from mlvanbie that 3 workers is supposed to be weaker than many powers, and 4 is stronger.

Regarding Proteus and Graea, I also thought their power was a disadvantage vs 3 normal workers, but there are many ways to use them, it is not that clear. I am now convinced that Proteus is stronger.

The best counter-argument is Moerae, which has a bluff power on top of 3 workers. Jason can also start with 3 workers if he wants, or wait to spawn a third well-placed worker.

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