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Expert variant

Post by arsky » 18 July 2020, 17:33

I've looked around and can't figure out what the expert variant is, and haven't actually tried a game with that setting yet. Does anyone know what changes it makes?

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Re: Expert variant

Post by RicardoRix » 18 July 2020, 19:09

says the game rules:

The Expert Variant
There are a few small changes to the game in the expert variant. All of the regular rules remain in effect.
You can choose one or more of the following distribution methods. However, if you choose to include them one
after the other, proceed in the order described below.
Distribution of City Bonuses
Randomly distribute the city bonuses across the small cities. Ignore the letters – while
placing the bonus markers.
Distribution of Characters
During setup, randomly shuffle the 8 different characters.
(There are 3 copies of the “Mercator ex Tabriz” in the game). Shuffle in the version you need,
according to the number of players.
Next, reveal as many character cards as there are players taking part plus 1. The last player in
turn order (the player to the right of the start player) chooses a character first, placing it in front of him or herself.
The players then continue by each taking one character card in reverse turn order. Return the remaining
character to the box. The individual characters are summarized on the supplement.
Distribution of Goal Cards
Deal each player 4 Goal cards, facedown, at the start of the game. Each player secretly chooses 2 of
them to keep, returning the rest of them to the game box.
The game then begins as usual

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