2 suggetsion

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2 suggetsion

Post by nccc » 05 November 2020, 01:47

1. undo button
u'r doomed if u make a big mistake,and since NO rng when moving chakra
so it should be acceptable.

2. make it easier to distinguish between YELLOW and ORANGE chakra
like add a symbol on YELLOW or ORANGE ones?

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Re: 2 suggetsion

Post by Dénes_ » 06 November 2020, 13:28

An undo button would be great for movements within my turn!
Once I select a movement option, I am locked in, even if it is a misclick (these buttons are tiny!), and misplays happen easily.

The dark blue and black chips are also hard to tell apart when using night mode, Flux, or similar options.

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Re: 2 suggetsion

Post by pastoralice » 07 November 2020, 04:03

Agree with the request for an undo button--specifically for the crystals. There is one already for the inspiration token, but yes, slip of the finger happened a couple times in my recent game.

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Re: 2 suggetsion

Post by Mikeishere81 » 11 November 2020, 02:24

I fully agree with this, an undo button must be added.

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Re: 2 suggetsion

Post by Spiegel428 » 11 November 2020, 14:29

There are suggestions for an undo button and improving contrast that can be voted for here:

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