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Calculate Final Game Bonus

Post by cm4041 » 30 December 2020, 05:11

How to calculate bonus at game final (round 3 bonus at the picture) ?
99 Final Score 2020_12_29.JPG
99 Final Score 2020_12_29.JPG (29.73 KiB) Viewed 40 times

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Re: Calculate Final Game Bonus

Post by traddles27 » 30 December 2020, 10:51

There is no game final bonus. Only round bonuses. In this case, both Polly and Thierry made 100+ points in the 3rd round, so both of them get the bonus - 20p since there are two of them.

In R1 and R2 you got the bonus, 30p for each round, because you were the only one to get over the 100p threshold.

So, you get the bonus for the points made in a specific round (the round score is displayed just below the total score in the live action), not for the total you got at the end of the round.

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