When do you usually play?

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When do you usually play?

Post by Ryusan » 29 August 2020, 07:30

I find it so difficult to find enough people to play.

Is there a time when most of you go on?

I occasionally manage to start a game, but there's usually 1-2 new players and it's not uncommon for them to not understand the game and die (I usually play co-op).

The majority of the time though, I am just waiting at a table and no one joins. I just watch videos, but I usually spend 2-3 hrs with no one joining.

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Re: When do you usually play?

Post by Romain672 » 31 August 2020, 17:13

https://boardgamearena.com/gamepanel?ga ... twentyfive
See more in the right > Number of game played: 8 292
Click on that '8292'.

Usually, for Canadian hour, you will have less people around midnight. Because it will be 6 hours in Europe, and midnight in America.

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Re: When do you usually play?

Post by nairobiny » 14 September 2020, 20:10

Much as this game lends itself so well to real-time play, the best way to get a game is to play turn-based. Sure, playing with new players has its challenges (announcing green rooms as red, charging blindly into deadly rooms, etc), but it's always nice to meet new people. If some of them are willing to put in the effort to improve at the game, you've achieved something and made some new friends in the process.

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