Any plan on implementing the 'revised' version?

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Any plan on implementing the 'revised' version?

Post by Coyotek4 » 26 August 2020, 02:54

Love that StP is now on BGA!

Quick question: are there any plans in the works to eventually release the 'revised' version that included new workers (farmers, I think) and nerfed the value of the Observatory and Mistress?

(I'm NOT asking about the 'revised revised' version that also had a whole new phase and allowed for 5pm games ... though I'm curious about that as well.)

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Re: Any plan on implementing the 'revised' version?

Post by SamHellerman » 07 September 2020, 22:12

This gets confusing.

There were the second edition nerfs, which I think just modified the costs of Observatory/Judge/Mistress from 6/16/18 to 7/17/20.

Then there is the New Society expansion, which includes 7 cards that are to replace cards from the base game, at the same time as adding many new cards (like those New Farmers you mentioned, and an extra copy each of some existing cards). And 2 of these 7 are a *differently* nerfed Observatory, costing 8, just to make things (again) confusing.

(The 5th phase you're talking about is the Market Expansion which comes bundled in the 2nd edition game.)

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Re: Any plan on implementing the 'revised' version?

Post by Calmon70 » 21 September 2020, 18:41

I really hope the second edition balanced cards will be used in arena. The plain 18/16 aristocrats are just to strong especially when drawn on turn 1.

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Re: Any plan on implementing the 'revised' version?

Post by Redwoods » 23 September 2020, 15:55

Yeah, I'm interested in the full "second edition" having never played it, but VERY interested in simply adding the New Society expansion. It balances things so much better, reduces random chance/luck, and adds a ton of excellent variety of new cards.

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