Tournament Mode seating order suggestion

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Tournament Mode seating order suggestion

Post by TarkinsRevenge » 24 September 2020, 21:43


Would it be possible to rearrange the players between rounds in "Tournament Mode"? If I am playing a 3-person game, and there is a weaker player, whoever plays immediately after that weaker player has an ENORMOUS advantage. Mixing it up between rounds might help offset this flaw in the game.

For example, if someone is trying to fill two cards between 9 and 11 (I need two 10's) and the weaker player keeps swapping those exact cards out of their playing surface and making them available at the top, it is almost unfair to the 3rd or 4th players.


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Re: Tournament Mode seating order suggestion

Post by TX-Bluebonnet » 07 January 2021, 03:47

Great suggestion. I prefer a 4-player game and it's a long slog when someone keeps getting fed stuff for all 4 games from a less experienced player. If the player seating got rotated after each round at least it'd even out the game.

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