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Re: [Multi] Share Your Board Game Arena Streams!

Post by RobertBr » 17 April 2021, 17:06

[ENG] Lessons from the Front
UK - Monthly uploads

Lessons from the Front started with a set of walk-throughs for the hex and counter wargame Unconditional Surrender (begins with this one https://youtu.be/lAgZeIx3M14), and graduated onto tactics and strategy

D6 Probabilities https://youtu.be/bMbWT-94uQo
The Supply Trap https://youtu.be/Zhs67IwrH5c
Picking Retreat Paths https://youtu.be/00fQozGRpXE
Markov Processes https://youtu.be/I62U9Hhk6yg

Unfortunately the lack of playback for USE and other very long game has prevented me doing anything like a commentary/live-stream; though I have no intention of sticking to just USE (there is already a Carcassonne commentary https://youtu.be/vw6-vMXzTFE). I post individual episodes in game forums when they are done, and keep a geeklist on BGG listing them (they are only accessible via links) at:


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Re: [Multi] Share Your Board Game Arena Streams!

Post by smeet666 » 10 May 2021, 17:31

I shared 2 new videos playing LUXOR on BGA :
Let's join on youtube : https://youtu.be/jXG1cBwTg8A
Please subscribe if yu're interested

Je viens de partager 2 nouvelles vidéos sur Youtube où je joue à Luxor sur BGA : https://youtu.be/jXG1cBwTg8A
N'hésitez pas à vous abonner !

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