Playing ALL BGA Games. The RicardoRix - Ivardo Project.

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Re: Playing ALL BGA Games. The RicardoRix - Ivardo Project.

Post by RicardoRix » 09 August 2018, 16:59

Romshuad wrote:Just found your post. What a fun idea! I am a newer gamer so trying to learn many new games and mechanics. Completely understand wanting to try them ALL. Love the first impressions comments, and I think that I will try a couple of your suggestions. Did you play guildes yet? Wondering if your opinion is similar to mine.
Yeah, it has been a cool way to make sure I learn new games, and take full advantage of BGA ;)

I have played Guildes a few times, tbh it was not the best time to release a drafting game just before the behemoth 7 wonders. However I do like guildes it's slightly different and plays real fast. I like drafting games, sushi-go is a big hit family game for me.

We need a 3rd player for Guildes, which is why we haven't started that game yet and I'm busy for the rest of the month, but after that expect an invitation from me and Ivardo ;)

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Re: Playing ALL BGA Games. The RicardoRix - Ivardo Project.

Post by RicardoRix » 09 August 2018, 17:09

Silene wrote: I think playing many different games should be reflected in prestige-system. As for now - you cannot compete with some 1-game-overloard by mastering ALL games (i.e. 1x best player = 50.000 vs. 140x strong player = 14.000). Seems unbalanced to me.
There are a few who have played a lot of different games, BGA it is certainly the best place to try! 70% is pretty good, I'm not the best at reading the rules, and BGA is great for just jumping in and giving it a shot.
Ivardo has played more than me and didn't stop until he got at-least 1 win in each game which I think is a good guide to say that you've given it a proper shot.

It would be nice perhaps to see a prestige badge or two, certainly though the single game top10 or high ranks seem to offer the lion share of prestige points. In my profile for example, 12k points (from a grand total of 30k points) from my 3rd place ranking in Dragon Line alone.

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39 - 15 : HackTrick, Kahuna, Koryo, Khronos.

Post by RicardoRix » 09 August 2018, 17:34

Khronos: Ivardo win.
I'd like to say I'm really good at time travelling, but the subtle nature of the game has eluded me thus far. Maybe Ivardo would shine some light down the time tunnel?!table?table=42769341

Kahuna: RicardoRix win.
A 2 player game, close to being an abstract game. I like this one a lot. You draw cards to enable to build bridges between islands. Plays really fast and has constant tension, some good back and forth build-up and attacks.!table?table=42769321

Koryo: RicardoRix win.
Drafting with special abilities. One of my favorite short card games. I know it has a few faults, but I like this one a lot!!table?table=42769373

HackTrick: RicardoRix win.
Logic and deduction style game with surprisingly tense and enjoyable game play for 2-players. Quite novel and worth a bash. My particular game with Ivardo was really good, one of the few games that we both really got our teeth into.!table?table=42647739

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41 - 17 : K2, Koi-Koi, Kalah, Jaipur.

Post by RicardoRix » 10 August 2018, 10:33

K2 : Ivardo win.
A very calculated race to the top of the mountain, with a slight push your luck element. I am VERY bad at this game, both my dudes died. I need to take some serious time to get to grips with it. Ivardo on the other hand sailed up and down. Is that the Norwegian in him and the english in me coming through?!table?table=42769398

Koi-Koi : RicardoRix
You match (pretty picture) cards in your hand with cards from a shared pool in the middle. I think if that was it then it wouldn't be too bad, but then you draw a card from the top of the stack and if it matches then you get that pair too - seems like total luck to me this 2nd part and ruins the game IMO. I think we both agreed that we don't think much of the game, which is a shame because the cards look amazing. Hopefully there are better games to play with this special deck?!table?table=42769358

Kalah : Ivardo win.
I lost on my beloved Kalah! Shame and dishonour has fallen on my family. I made a mistake and lost 10 stones from a capture.
Now this is an ancient game that I really like. An abstract 2 player game, very simple with some good game variations.
You play on a symmetric board with 6 holes and counters in each hole. It's not really, but it's a bit like backgammon without the dice rolling.
There is almost perfect play calculation here which is why it's been mathematically SOLVED, and you'll likely loose to someone cleverer / more experienced than you, but even so, if you like thinking games then this provides a nice quick blast.!table?table=42769329

Jaipur : RicardoRix win.
It's quite easy to see why this game is so popular. The design is clever, simple and faultless. 2 players battle it out to gather and sell market items better than their opponent. It's not totally my cup of tea, I slightly dislike the 'try to keep track of the hidden score' element, but even so I like the game as a casual game, would play it again. One of my mum's favourites to play on BGA.!table?table=42734354

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43 - 18 : Buttons, Legendary Inventors, Keyflower,

Post by RicardoRix » 31 August 2018, 14:39

Buttons: RicardoRix win.
A new game to both of us. A push-your-luck with pretty colours game. I'm not a big fan, there are plenty of these games on BGA, most with better gameplay and thematic experience.!table?table=42882407

Legendary Inventors: Ivardo win.
I'll get my excuses out early, I haven't played in a while and I seemed to have lost the basics of scoring points. Another game that promises much but doesn't quite deliver. You have to try and outwit your opponents by being getting there first and upgrading your inventors. So it has all the mechanisms of a great game but the delivery is very bland. Maybe you should be able to use the pistol you just made to shoot something...!table?table=42850853

Keyflower: RIcardoRix win.
Another game that will not receive the Rix's approval. However I feel the game does have merit. The gameplay is fairly unique and there are a lot of thought provoking decisions. The main problem however is that I'm lost in the world of 'what does it all mean' - maybe more plays is the answer.!table?table=42769432

As a quick sidenote, in RL I have been playing Terraforming Mars with my sons. After 5 plays I can't recommend this game high enough. It has a nice 1 player variant too.

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45 - 20 : Libertalia, Lost Cities, Caribbean All Fours, Logger.

Post by RicardoRix » 12 September 2018, 11:03

Libertalia: RicardoRix win.
I think this makes a good party game, although I've never played in real-life. Some good take that moments. But I don't think this best translates to on-line play.!table?table=42850890

Lost Cities: Ivardo win.
Well, what a comeback from Ivardo. I stole defeat from the jaws of victory. Bravo Ivardo!
This is a nice casual 2 player game, I personally don't find it that interesting, it's a bit too light and random in the gameplay, but I would happily play a game with a friend nonetheless.!table?table=42850911

Caribbean All Fours: Ivardo.
A trick taking card card. I like card games in general but it's really hard to gauge what this is like after just 1 play. The deal seems to have only a few cards which was strange - it's all over before you know it.!table?table=42269424

Logger: RicardoRix win.
I've played a few games but I don't really appreciate the full tactics and/or strategy, I just chop the best I can to win. However it seems that this has some hidden depths, maybe one day I'll give it the time it probably deserves to play it properly.!table?table=43735729

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46 - 21 : Kabaleo, Noir: Killer, Le Dernier Peuple

Post by RicardoRix » 12 September 2018, 23:56

Kabaleo: RicardoRix win
1st game on BGA, but I own this game for my sins, it's not good, at best it's a light sudo tactical game. You have a secret colour and try and get the most at the end. It's a nice idea that plays out as a complete yawn fest.!table?table=43735853

Noir: Killer versus Inspector: Ivardo win.
I don't know what to do, it feels tense all the time, need to play it a bit more to get the hang of it.!table?table=43785537

Le Dernier Peuple: 3rd player - Imay wins.
1st ever play. It seems pretty decent, but ended before I found me feet. Would like to try again.!table?table=43735789

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48 - 23 : Krosmaster, Neutreeko, Nile, Nine Men's Morris.

Post by RicardoRix » 14 September 2018, 23:03

Krosmaster Arena : Ivardo wins.
First game ever. Yowser! this is a beast of a game. Must say I felt very lost in a large world. Seems pretty cool, will have to try again.!table?table=43735831

Neutreeko : RicardoRix wins.
Very simple 2 player abstract game. Get 3 in a line. I really like this game although it can get pretty old pretty quick, but I've come back to it lots of times it feels like an old friend now.!table?table=43785424

Nine Men's Morris : RicardoRix wins.
I have memories of playing this when I was very young. A 2 player abstract game of placing and then moving stones to get 3 in a row. I'm not a huge fan, it seems a bit too primitive, although some subtle strategies are lurking in there somewhere.!table?table=43785491

Nile : Ivardo wins.
First time play. Yeah it's got something, just not sure what. The score ended 1-0. So I did a lot of turns to score absolutely nothing! The game play seems OK, but the final scoring seems a bit whacky.!table?table=43785516

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53 - 23 : Love Letter, Nautilus, Lewis & Clark, Lords of Xidit, Machiavelli.

Post by RicardoRix » 17 September 2018, 09:47

A clean sweep for me with these 5 games:

Love Letter:
A great 3-4 player mix of logic deduction / process of elimination and luck. The only game I bought because I first played it here on BGA. This is a family favorite in our house. Very quick and a lot of fun.!table?table=43735737

A fairly straight forward 2 player card game with some twists. It plays really easy, and has some strategy to it, I recommend trying it if you haven't already.!table?table=43785418

Lewis & Clark:
YEAH!! Cool game, absloutely love this one.
It's a race for 1st place across rivers and mountains. Get there with different resources and building up a skilled crew.!table?table=43735717

Lords of Xidit:
Programming orders multiplayer game picking up resources and killing titans, it looks MUCH better than it plays.!table?table=43735769

Card game rummy on steroids (or rummikub by a different naming) using multiple decks of standard playing cards. I don't really recommend playing this competitively although as a family fun game it's pretty good.!table?table=4373588

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58 - 24 : Nippon, Outlaws, Niagara, Metromania, Origin, Perudo.

Post by RicardoRix » 23 September 2018, 13:51

Nippon : RicardoRix win.
Woah! Puerto Rico on steroids. A 'What's your game' that you can actually understand and get your teeth into! Also the BGA implementation is awesome! I have a few personal gripes, but overall this might just be THE game you are looking for. Build and upgrade your factories. Product goods, sell them on contracts or in the markets, upgrade, build trains and ships, improve some more, more, more!!table?table=43785409

Outlaws: Last Man Standing : RicardoRix win.
Ooohh, tough to describe. I think this game is better than the love it receives on BGA. 3 ways to victory, a bit of strategy and bluff and a cool head. It's 2 player only, and it's a real brain burner when you think of all the options, alternatively you can play fast and loose and it's just as fun.
It's underrated, but probably because it can't be placed into a distinct category of games. If you want an abstract game then there are better ones, if you want a bluffing game then there are better ones, if you want a strategy game then there are better ones.!table?table=43974844

Niagara: RicardoRix win.
A family friendly game, very simple that plays really fast and is surprisingly enjoyable. Collect or steal gems by controlling 2 canoes against the flow of the river.!table?table=43785441

Metromania : Ivardo win.
A route planning kind of game, but nothing like Ticket to Ride. It's interesting as far as it's very unique game play, but not that interesting that you want to play again.!table?table=43974808

Origin : RicardoRix win.
First time playing this game where I understood what I was doing (it helps to read the rules I guess). Yeah really like this game, it's objectives and collecting sets in a very unique way by placing and moving pawns on a world map.!table?table=43974828

Perudo: RicardoRix win.
Best party game ever, apart from maybe Werewolf, but NEEDS to be played in real-life. The BGA implementation though is wrong IMO, you should be able to change both pips and value.!table?table=44075661


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