Arena EAS Integrity When Players Quit

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Arena EAS Integrity When Players Quit

Post by sprockitz » 12 February 2020, 04:57


In the Arena ranking system when a player quits a game, other players are losing points because someone quits.

This is incredibly unfair!

Here is an example where Ghoulkatherine quits at the beginning of the game, and causes logus30 to lose rating points through no fault of his own.
When someone quits a game (arena or not) the standing cannot fairly be calculated as a tie between all the non-quitting players. This is extremely unfair and undermines the integrity of the Elo and/or EAS system (as well as the Bronze/Silver/Gold etc leveling system). These 'ties' must be changed to NO RESULT and only count the game as a win against the quitting player for each person.

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Re: Arena EAS Integrity When Players Quit

Post by Iguana » 13 February 2020, 08:17

This problem should really be addressed. It is very frustrating to lose points because of other players not showing up...

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