Morally questionable forced abandon?

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Morally questionable forced abandon?

Post by The_Bish » 23 May 2020, 02:03

Hi all

Just wondering about your thoughts on this situation...

Arena Realtime game Tash Kalar
I'm 3-2 up. Definitely going to win. 1 turn left each.

My opponent is ranked far higher than me. Happy days.

I'm 26 seconds over my time limit

Jadersegatto forces abandonment. Game ends without result.

'Oh man, that's pretty dark'
'What? Timer is there for a reason'

Poor sportsmanship?
Bad loser?
Fair move?


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Re: Morally questionable forced abandon?

Post by ReelMcKoy » 23 May 2020, 02:22

At what point should the time limit really apply?

Does a 27 second violation count worse than a 26 second violation?

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Re: Morally questionable forced abandon?

Post by augustjologs » 23 May 2020, 02:24

My opinion: it's a fair move, not good but not bad either. You're playing Arena games where players play to win and go up the rank, not to have some fun. So, anything that would make a player win or minimize his rank loss, is fair game -- including legally abandoning games he'd going to lose. It might not be in the spirit of the game, we might not like it, but that's not what Arena is for.

Just be mindful of the timer. You will run the risk of this happening the moment you run out of time. On the bright side, at least your opponent didn't skip you when you ran out of time which would have given you a loss.

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Jest Phulin
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Re: Morally questionable forced abandon?

Post by Jest Phulin » 23 May 2020, 02:57

It's not just on BGA where time control is important. Chess grand masters sometimes lose on the clock as well. ... -loss-3896

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Re: Morally questionable forced abandon?

Post by N_Faker » 23 May 2020, 03:29

Rather then questioning the morality of the forced abandon. I rather think that it shouldn't be possible to abandon arena matches.

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Re: Morally questionable forced abandon?

Post by aesche » 23 May 2020, 04:11

Definitely poor sportmanship. But if some „strong“ players need that... :lol:

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Re: Morally questionable forced abandon?

Post by DarthNocturnis » 25 May 2020, 01:28

I mean, I was forced to abandon a game where the timers were bugged.
And I was forced by another player who was out of time.
In a non-competitive game.

I feel like my situation is far more questionable. I agree with the responses, competitive play has a right to force abandon at any point. I have had that happen to me when my internet crashed in a competitive game. No complaints, perfectly valid.
I would say that it is far more "morally questionable" when it is done by a player who could have just as easily been skipped.

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